Linzmeier Business Solutions, LLC

Linzmeier Business Solutions (LBS), LLC is a certified public accounting firm based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  LBS was founded in 2008 by Mark Linzmeier specifically to provide services to companies and individuals involved in agriculture. Mark has been a CPA for 30 years.   Due to Mark’s vast agricultural experience, LBS is able to offer significant hands on business advice which helps build the profitability of their operations. If you are interested in finding out how LBS can assist you, please call Mark at 920-819-0703.  LBS has customers in a variety of industries including the following:

  • Dairy farming
  • Grain elevators and merchandisers
  • Feed mills and farm supply dealers
  • Grain processors
  • Beef processing companies
  • Agricultural lending
  • Grain farming
  • Vegetable processing

LBS offers a complete line of services related to dairy farms in the following areas:

  • Audited statements
  • Reviewed statements
  • Accrual based financials
  • Price risk management
  • Enterprise accounting
  • Cost of production
  • Income tax return preparation
  • Assistance with obtaining financing/loan arrangements
  • Financial analysis, including margin management
  • Operational financial management review