MARGINSMART® is the most comprehensive price risk management tool available in the dairy industry today.  It was specifically designed to be used in the dairy industry by dairy producers to gain a full understanding of their price risk management situation.  MARGINSMART® is completely web-based and user friendly.  Therefore you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection and reduces your worries about lost data or computer crashes.  When MARGINSMART® releases any updates you will automatically have access to the updates without worrying about reloading the program on your computer – it will just be there! For the latest release click here Press Release MARGINSMART® Version 6.0.

MARGINSMART® is completely customized to YOUR dairy!  No “one size fits all” or need to use “industry averages” if you don’t want to.  At MARGINSMART® we know that every dairy farm has its own set of circumstances and to provide truly accurate information for the price risk management decisions for YOUR dairy, we incorporated many features which customize the results to your situation.  And if you have more than one dairy operation, we have made it extremely easy to switch between farms to see each one in its own customized view.  MARGINSMART® also allows multiple users for each farm and allows the dairy owner to manage permissions as to what each user can access and see, for more info click here.

MARGINSMART® allows you to enter all the crucial information related to your dairy, and then has a direct download feature whereby it continually updates commodity market prices (Class III Milk on the CME and corn, soybeans and soybean meal on the CBOT), to generate real-time projections of your milk margin and net income for up to 24 months.  It has exclusive features which help you be assured that this is the most comprehensive, realistic projection available so that you can feel confident that you have all of the proper information to make price risk management decisions.

MARGINSMART® is available for use by dairies of any size.  MARGINSMART® is also available in three different license levels so that each dairy producer can decide which features are most important for their specific dairy, for more info click here.