Platinum Level

Includes everything in the basic and premium levels PLUS the following

Exclusive Target and Texting features- MARGINSMART® provides customers with great access to information; especially since we also know that they have farming and other things going on and can’t always be “in front of a computer or tablet”.  Therefore, we put the SMART in MARGINSMART® so it watches things for you.

The Exclusive Target Feature- Allows a user to set a target for any electronically traded Class III Milk, corn, soybean or soybean meal commodity contract on either the CME or CBOT.  The program has a complete Target tab where the user simply enters the commodity, the month and the percentage of either milk produced or grain or meal needed and MARGINSMART® does the rest.  It will send you a text alert when the commodity hits your desired target, along with the volume of the commodity based on the percentage that you desired.  Want to enter multiple targets for the same commodity for the same month at different price levels – no problem – MARGINSMART® will also calculate the cumulative average price and volume information for all targets.

The Target Feature- Also allows the user to set targets for milk margin.  In the same manner as above the user can identify the month, year, percentage and type of target that they want to hit.  MARGINSMART® constantly updates all information, including the CME and CBOT market prices to constantly determine your farm’s metrics.  When a target is hit, MARGINSMART® sends you a text so that you can take the appropriate action under your plan.  Under both of these exclusive features MARGINSMART® watches things for you 24/7/365!

Text on Demand-  MARGINSMART® also realizes that you may want to know what your margins may be at any time, whether a target is met or not, even when you don’t have direct internet access or the time to connect.  Therefore it offers several easy to text requests whereby you text MARGINSMART® a simple message and it immediately sends your real time margin or net income information to you.  This is invaluable for you to keep up with your operation.
Daily Automatic Texts-  Lastly MARGINSMART® also knows that dairy farming is very busy.  So, we have built in automatic texts that are sent to customers every morning and afternoon which give you real time margin and net income information to keep you apprised of your operation twice a day.  And, if you have multiple farms, you will have each of the above features for each of your farms with a designation that identifies each farm so you can keep everything identified.